What one mom found at the bottom of her daughter’s soda cup is so gross, it may make you sick Facebook/Screenshot

A New Hampshire mom took her daughter to a Wendy’s in the town of Keene, where she allegedly discovered a dirty and mucky razor blade in her daughter’s soda.

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Aubrey Simonds posted a photo of the disturbing discovery on Facebook and said she was disgusted and glad that her daughter didn’t get hurt from it. The photo shows the nasty razor at the bottom of the cup.

The photo has been shared hundreds of times and many people have commented about it.

“What? Are you kidding me? This happened to you?” one person commented.

Another commented and said, “That is so damn scary.”

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According to Grub Street, Keene’s health department has been investigating the matter. Authorities said the blade appeared to have belonged to a cleaning worker who used it to scrape junk off the stove hoods in the kitchen and didn’t dispose of it properly.

The next day, an employee found the razor blade in the trash and moved it into a paper cup, until it could be thrown out safely.

But clearly that didn’t happen fast enough, since Simonds found it.

Apparently an employee grabbed the cup and put soda in it, somehow never noticing the gross and shiny blade at the sitting at bottom.

Simonds said her daughter drank some of the soda but is fine.

(h/t The Blaze)

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