What two dirtbag teens did to a woman in a wheelchair on her way home is the lowest of the low


It’s hard to believe that anyone could live with themselves after robbing a woman with cerebral palsy in a wheelchair of her purse outside of her apartment complex, but two teens seemed just fine with it.

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Police in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, have surveillance video at their disposal that shows two dirtbags biding their time before swiping Rosie Graham’s purse and taking off.

Authorities say that the unidentified teens, pictured below, are still out there.


Both police and a friend of Graham’s summed up the crime better than we can.

“Sometimes we witness acts of cowardice that are so despicable, it’s just hard to put into words our outrage,” the Oklahoma City Police Department’s Travis Vernier told KOCO.


“They’re cowards to steal from someone who can’t defend themselves,” Graham’s friend Bill Gleason would add.

Graham was completely helpless.

“I was too scared,” she said in an interview.

The robbers had followed Graham home and waited until she was cornered to rob her.


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Simply put, this is an outrage.

If you have any relevant information, contact the Oklahoma City Police Department at the crime stoppers number, (405) 235-7300.

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