On Tuesday, 26-year-old Brittney Jones arrived at Florida’s Duval County Courthouse on a mission to get her charges dropped, and she attempted to do so by getting a nearby man to drop his pants. She then proceeded to film herself performing oral sex on the man and then posted the explicit video on Twitter.

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“Had so much fun at court today. Found a way to get my charges dropped…. Ssssssh don’t tell,” she tweeted along with the since-deleted, 34-second video, which features Jones scanning the empty hallway before performing the sex act on a man sitting on a bench.

Jones’ father David told News4Jax that he’s not ashamed of his daughter’s behavior, but he is disappointed

“I was working on my yard [and] I received several calls and texts that I needed to go to the news website and look up some courtroom,” he said. “When I went on and saw my daughter, I was shocked — very, very shocked.”

The woman’s grandmother echoed his statement, adding that Jones has a young son.

“I would hate for him to turn on TV and see his mom. That’s very, very upsetting to me. That’s what’s worrying me a lot this afternoon,” she said.

Authorities say the incident happened during regular court hours and was caught by their security cameras. Jones was initially at court to face drug paraphernalia charges, smuggling contraband into jail and violation of probation. Now, police are investigating her and the man for the shocking video, but it’s unclear if either will be charged.

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A Florida woman tried to get her criminal charges dropped by doing something very explicit in the courthouse Twitter/Xoobug
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