Former Sacred Heart University student Nikki Yovino once accused two football players of raping her, but all was not as it appeared

The 19-year-old is set to face two years in prison because her accusation was falsified, reports the Connecticut Post. She was also said to have tampered with or fabricated physical evidence.

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“I think the offer is a good one considering the serious allegations in the case,” said Superior Court Judge Earl Richards.

Yovino said that the two unidentified men pulled her into a bathroom and raped her. While the men admitted to engaging in sexual activity with her, it quickly became evident that Yovino willing entered the bathroom and that the intercourse was consensual.

So, why did Yovino lie?

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“She admitted that she made up the allegation of sexual assault against (the football players) because it was the first thing that came to mind, and she didn’t want to lose [another male student] as a friend and potential boyfriend,” reported an affidavit.

Agustin Sevillano, the football players’ lawyer, said, “This has just been a nightmare for them.”

A former college student is facing prison after making a false rape accusation for the worst reason Bridgeport Police Department
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