A 46-year-old special education teacher in Baltimore is accused of using his cellphone to videotape girls on his high school’s cheerleading squad changing clothes in his classroom.

As the cheerleaders changed, one noticed a cellphone propped up on Christopher Clark’s desk. She grabbed the phone and saw that it was recording, according to court documents obtained by the Baltimore Sun.

Clark shares a classroom with the Milford Mill Academy cheerleading coach. On Jan. 23, Clark was still working when seven cheerleaders came into the room to change. Clark told the cheerleading coach that if the girls wanted to change in the room, he would return in 10 minutes, according to court documents.

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The cheerleaders said they sometimes change in the classroom because the bathrooms are locked.

Police said Clark admitted to investigators that he intentionally recorded the girls.

“Because you thought they were changing?” a detective asked the teacher, according to court documents. “You set the recording up to capture them changing?”

“Yeah,” Clark responded.

He also told police he recorded two girls changing in his classroom earlier in January. One girl was recorded in her underwear and T-shirt. Clark told police he deleted the videos.

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Police also searched Clark’s phone and found a pornography website with “cheerleader” in the name.

Clark is charged with conducting visual surveillance with prurient intent. If convicted, he faces one year in prison and a $2,500 fine. He could face additional charges if he is suspected of making or sharing other illegal videos.

Clark, who worked at Baltimore schools for eight years, was released from his duties.

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