A man who wed his own computer is suing to have his marriage recognized

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Chris Sevier, who says he wed his computer in New Mexico, is now taking the state of Alabama to court for not recognizing his marriage.

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Sevier has filed similar lawsuits in a few other states and his Alabama lawsuit claims that his rights were violated when the state would not recognize the union. He says that he married his computer — which he describes as having “female-like features.” — in New Mexico. According to the complaint that Sevier filed, he identifies his sexual orientation as a “machinist,” AL.com reports.

Three other plaintiffs, who are polygamists and tried to marry each other, are also identified in the complaint. The complaint also seems to take issue with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling recognizing gay marriage, describing the justices who voted for the bill as “infiltrating the bench like a cancer.”

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Sevier is a former lawyer in Tennessee with a long history of pushing uncommon viewpoints. He gained a following in his “Human Trafficking Prevention Act,” which proposed taxing pornography. Essentially, Sevier wants computers installed with software that keeps the user from viewing pornographic material — getting that software removed would cost the user $20, The Daily Beast reports. According to the website associated with his proposed bill, he’s already gone semi-legitimate with the measure, even enlisting the support of a number of state lawmakers.

And Sevier has even had his own run-ins with the law. He spent 58 days in jail on a misdemeanor assault for fighting his father-in-law at a McDonald’s. In 2014, he was arrested for stalking country musician John Rich and later a 17-year-old girl who worked at Ben & Jerry’s. He managed to get those charges reduced to misdemeanor harrassment and plead guilty, according to The Daily Beast.

Here’s a video of Sevier explaining his stance on pornography:

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