A Florida man was arrested and charged after trying to suffocate his pregnant girlfriend following an argument they had over their unborn child’s name.

According to police, Raul Lopez, 18, and his girlfriend began arguing at a Walmart after he suggested they name their baby after him. His girlfriend clearly didn’t like the idea too much and reportedly had another name in mind. They continued bickering over it until they arrived home. Attempting to diffuse the tension, the girlfriend locked herself in a room in the house.

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Lopez then allegedly removed the door knob in order to break into the room, where he covered her nose and mouth with both hands until she nearly lost consciousness. Deputies say at that point, he grabbed her by the hair and threw her onto a bed.

Lopez’s mother reportedly heard the fight and notified authorities. The baby luckily didn’t suffer any injuries.

Lopez was charged with aggravated battery and domestic battery by strangulation. He has since been released from jail.

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A man’s pregnant girlfriend didn’t want to name their baby after him, so he tried to strangle her LEE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE
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