An Ohio woman is accused of leaving her 11-year-old son duct-taped to a chair while she took her daughter to swim at a local pool.

Susan Malysa, 32, taped her son’s feet to a chair in the basement of a Boardman, Ohio, home while she went to the local YMCA, WKBN reported. The child’s hands were taped together and his mouth was taped shut.

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Malysa’s mother found the child in the basement after visiting the home and called authorities.

“The relatives had not cut the duct tape away. They were concerned he was duct taped rather tightly, so they were concerned about doing that in a safe manner,” said Boardman Police Sgt. Charles Hillman. “Our response was quick. A couple officers were there within minutes. They were able to cut the duct tape off and free him.”

Police found the boy cold and shaking. He told authorities he wasn’t restrained in the basement for long.

According to WKBN, Malysa’s mother was suspicious when her daughter told her she was taking one of her children to the pool but not the other.

Malysa was found swimming at the YMCA. She was arrested and charged with felony child endangering.

Malysa was ordered to have no contact with her children, who are staying with family members.

Malysa’s mother told investigators she suspected her daughter had abused the boy before. He was found in the basement with bruises on his face and neck. Malysa was accused of hitting the boy with a hammer last year, but she was not arrested, WKBN reported.