An Ohio mom took to Facebook, saying her daughter was returned to her very differently than when she dropped her off.

Christin Johnson, of Fostoria, shared pictures of her daughter before and after she dropped her off to spend a few days with her dad and step-mom, whom Facebook users later said they had identified as Schaffen Frederick and Sara Murray.

According to Johnson, Frederick had his daughter’s long hair cut off because he did not like the highlights in her hair. Johnson went on to explain that the highlights in her daughter’s hair were a birthday gift.

Many were furious at the dad’s alleged actions.

“Father of the year award goes to [Frederick],” one poster said. “I hope karma hits him hard from this emotional abuse.”

Some noted that there were highlights still present in her daughter’s hair.

To this, Johnson said the girl’s father and step-mother had already promised to cut the rest out once the hair grows back.

However, one friend of the father’s stood up for him, saying that there are “[two] sides to every story” and that he was “a good guy.”

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