A police officer was in for a big surprise when a 4 a.m. trespassing report the morning after the Fourth of July yielded an eyeful of skin.

An Instagram model with around 75,000 followers named Brissa Dominguez was found naked early last Wednesday at the Edge Hotel in Clearwater, Fla., and seemed determined to stay that way.

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The officer said Dominguez was “found […] to be nude” upon arriving at the scene and that handing her a towel to cover up didn’t help the situation.

According to the New York Daily News and The Smoking Gun both, Dominguez took the towel and hit Officer Richard Edmonds in the face with it and “mule kick[ed]” him.

She also allegedly attempted biting and spitting on the officer.

It is believed that Dominguez was intoxicated at the time. Dominguez has been charged with trespassing, battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer with violence.

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Dominguez is clearly used to having pictures of her taken, just not these kinds:

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

But apparently Dominguez wasn’t the only one prowling around the hotel naked.

A 25-year-old Florida man described as “uncooperative and intoxicated” — you know, kind of like Dominguez — was roaming the lobby in the nude.

It’s not clear if the two indecent exposures were connected.

A police officer responding to a hotel trespassing call found this Instagram model naked and ready for a fight Instagram/Brissa Dominguez, Pinellas County Sheriff's Office
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