Serbian Alexandar Djelic is not having a fun time in prison, but that fate’s been entirely self-inflicted — or should we say self-injected?

Djelic was serving seven years in prison for theft when a fellow inmate advised him to perform a procedure on himself to enlarge his manhood, namely injecting it with petroleum jelly or Vaseline, the Daily Mail reported. Djelic took that “advice” because he believed the inmate was a plastic surgeon.

It was the worst decision he’s ever made, besides that whole theft thing.

The 46-year-old man supposedly injected 80 grams of the jelly over four days and as a result his genitals are rotting.

“He told me I could inject my manhood with Vaseline and this would pump it up and make it much larger,” he said. “My genitals swelled up and I was in terrible pain. I was taken to the prison hospital and later transferred to the Clinic of Urology in Sremska Mitrovica, and then to Belgrade.”

“The swelling was so bad, the doctors had to cut away an outer part of my penis so I can urinate. I was put on a catheter, then got an infection, but survived the horror,” he added.

Several operations haven’t reversed the damage and, apparently, his wife has left him.

“The wife left me because she could not see this horror, and no one can help me,” he said.

Sure gives a whole new meaning to “rotting in prison.”

A prisoner injected his “manhood” in a failed enlargement attempt — the worst decision he’s ever made Twitter/@zenboy70
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