A domestic dispute between a senior citizen couple spiraled out of control and led to the husband killing himself in the most gruesome of ways — with a chainsaw.

The 70-year-old man was attacking his 76-year-old wife with an ax, police said after they responded to a call at a Springfield, Virginia, home, WTOP reported.

“The victim in this case, which is the wife, was being hit with the non-bladed side of the ax,” Reem Awad, an officer with the county’s police department, told WTOP.

The situation might have been even worse if a family member had not arrived at the house. The female relative had trouble opening the front door before finally being able to push it open. When she did, she was startled to find the husband attacking his wife with the blunt end of an ax, according to Fox 5.

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“The family member was able to rescue the victim, bring her outside,” Awad said. “At which point, the male suspect did follow outside, and a struggle ensued over that ax. Nine-one-one was called at that point, and we responded.”

Once officers arrived, they surrounded the house, and the man went into the home by himself and shut the door. An officer was able to see inside the garage where the husband was seen lying on the floor and appeared to have “life-threatening” injuries to his upper body.

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“They appear to be caused by a chainsaw,” Awad said.

A chainsaw was found at the scene.

“He was bleeding tremendously from this part of his body,” neighbor Zury Bradcovich told Fox 5. He looked really bad, and they worked on him for maybe 10 to 15 minutes, and then they took him away.”