Kaitlin Plascjak made Allegheny County (Pa.) history, but not the kind that will endear her to her neighbors, or anyone else for that matter. According to the District Attorney, Plascjak, 28, became the first woman in 16 years in the county to be arrested on child pornography charges.

She is facing the charges after authorities discovered more than 100 sexually explicit images and videos of infants, toddlers and teenagers stored in her cell phone, law enforcement said.

The woman allegedly admitted to the crime, telling WPXI-TV that the videos served as a “coping mechanism,” because she was molested when she was younger. An FBI task force unit received a cyber-tip in August that led them to Plascjak’s mobile home, where she lived with her mother.

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“It blows me away, just blows me away,” neighbor Nancy Milligan told the TV station.

The FBI found disturbing photos and videos of “infants being sexually assaulted” and of teens “exposing themselves” while searching her cell phone. Typically, child pornography is a crime committed by men.

If convicted of child pornography, she could face a minimum of 15 to 30 years in prison under federal law.

Police said Plascjak had more porn on her phone, but she said she deleted it before she underwent surgery so no one would find the graphic images if something had gone wrong with the operation.

A sick crime typically committed by men has this woman facing serious jail time Allegheny County police