A 38-year-old Texas man was arrested on Tuesday after his 11-year-old relative accused him of repeatedly raping her over the past year.

Silas Wirth initially confessed to the abuse during an interview with a detective. However, he later rescinded his confession and blamed the victim for initiating the relationship. The young girl told police the abuse began around one year ago and that the last incident happened in April.

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According to the victim, Wirth first began by showing her pornography and then eventually started raping her. She and Wirth both told police that he used sex toys on her several times, and Wirth also admitted to showering with the victim multiple times.

During his alleged confession, Wirth reportedly said that “any chance he got, he did it” and that he “did everything [the victim] said he did.”

He is now facing continuous sexual abuse of a young child and remains in jail on a $75,000 bail.

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A Texas man allegedly confessed to the horrible way he repeatedly abused his 11-year-old relative Bexar County Jail
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