She ditched her own mom’s funeral — what she was allegedly doing instead is as shameless as it gets

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A Massachusetts woman’s mother died, but she was nowhere to be found when it came time to attend the funeral.

According to police, Alyce H. Davenport, 30, of Southbridge enlisted in the help of Diron Conyers, 27, to commit a crime right around the same time, reports the Worcester Telegram and Gazette. The pair allegedly went to the house of Audra Johnson, Davenport’s recently deceased mother, and stole a safe carrying items worth $90,000.

Family and friends who attended the funeral noticed damage to the doorframe of the bedroom where the safe was hidden. Davenport quickly became a suspect, as police say she was recently kicked out of the house for using drugs.

Authorities found the car Davenport and Conyers were believed to have driven, which was registered to Johnson. Davenport reportedly slammed the trunk shut when officers attempted to look inside. However, the safe was located and seized by police, and a few of the missing items were reportedly inside.

Police said they then discovered that Davenport and Conyers were staying at a motel in the town of Sturbridge. More items from the safe were found inside of the room, including jewelry, keys, cellphones and a real estate contract regarding Johnson’s house, authorities claimed.

Also allegedly found in the pair’s possession were a checkbook that was previously reported stolen from another location, cocaine, legal documents, knives, more jewelry and $5,000 in coins.

It wasn’t the first time the police were reportedly involved with Davenport.

“Alyce also has a history of larceny, identity theft and forgery,” they said.

Police said Davenport was already a suspect in another case, in which insurance checks paid to her brother following the death of her father were stolen.

This was also not Conyers’ first run-in with the law. His record includes armed robbery charges, according to court documents.

The pair were arrested and taken to jail. Davenport’s bond was set at $15,000. Conyers is being held without bail due to the existence of another warrant.

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