A woman from Pittsburgh, Pa., who threw “bricks at white men” because of a “prophecy from God” is behind bars.

Jasmine Fox, 31, on Monday was arrested for throwing bricks at a motorists and told police that she was just doing God’s work.

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According to KDKA, a man who was threatened chased Fox into an abandoned Catholic school. The woman, who is homeless, was found hiding in a locker room.

When police arrested Fox, she said she was on a mission from God, essentially.

It’s not clear at this time if this was the result of drug use or a mental health issue.

Fox, who is white, was charged with propulsion of missiles — yes, a real charge — criminal mischief and defiant trespass.

She faces a preliminary hearing May 17.

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Online court records don’t list an attorney for her.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

A woman who threw “bricks at white men” said she was on a mission from God — if it was going to jail, she succeeded Pittsburgh Public Safety Department
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