A bragging woman’s Facebook post helped police solve a brazen road-rage murder

Graciela Paulino/Facebook

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Police arrested a Lowell, Massachusetts, woman in connection with a fatal shooting, and her use of social media seems to have led officers straight to her.

“Someone is following us,” 34-year-old construction worker Marc Devoe said to one of his coworkers as he drove them on a lunch break, according a police report. “I think we have a problem.”


According to the Lowell Sun, the report stated that Devoe realized that he was being followed by Graciela Paulino, 20, after possibly cutting her off while driving. Upon the realization that someone might have been tailing them, the coworker reportedly suggested that Devoe drive through a terminal parking lot rather than return directly to their construction site.

According to the police report, Devoe parked, Paulino pulled up next to the vehicle, and the pair got into a shouting argument, which ended when the coworker told Devoe, “C’mon, forget it, it’s just a girl.” Devoe drove off, but Paulino, who reportedly reached for something in her waistband during the argument, proceeded to follow them again, the police report alleged.

After Devoe exited his vehicle for a second time, per the police report, the coworker told authorities that “the female slowed her car down, and he heard one gunshot as she drove past.” Devoe had been shot once in the chest, and he was later pronounced dead after being transported to a hospital.

The other driver’s vehicle was later found abandoned. Authorities said it belonged to a 22-year-old man, who let Paulino drive it because he owed her money. Paulino reportedly called the owner to tell him that she “shot some dudes underneath a bridge” and “dropped off the gun at her man’s house,” the police report said.

But Paulino posted a cryptic update on Facebook that might have been a reference to the shooting, writing, “Tried to warn Em tried to tell Em told Em top that you my son don’t make me spank you.” Police saw the post and obtained a warrant for her arrest on a murder charge shortly afterward.

Paulino was found and arrested several hours after making the post.

“We believe, at this point, that this is a random incident as a result of a possible road-rage incident,” said Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan.

Paulino is being held without bail.

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