After a New York man was caught with his hand down a little boy’s pants, he plunged to his death

Crime scene tape blocks of the area of an apartment complex where authorities say two police officers were shot, leading to a neighborhood search for the suspected gunman, Friday, Dec. 12, 2014, in Decatur, Ga. DeKalb County police Capt. Stephen Fore says both officers suffered what are believed to be non-life threatening injuries. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

A Queens, New York, man who was accused of sexually assaulting two children later plunged to his death on the pavement outside the apartment building where he lived while trying to escape.

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Edgar Collaguazo, 44, apparently jumped from a fourth-floor apartment after he was caught in the act of molesting a young boy in his apartment early Thursday morning. Collaguazo sublets a room in his unit to the 5-year-old boy’s family, who was throwing their son a birthday party, the New York Post reported.

Collaguazo offered to let the boy and another young child, a girl, watch a movie in his room so the parents could enjoy some kid-less time together, the police and family members told the newspaper.

But, around midnight, the boy’s mom went to check on the kids and found Collaguazo with his hand down the boy’s pants. Later, the little girl said the man had kissed her on the lips. The boy’s mother said she was shocked, saying that her son and Collaguazo were very close, but that she was unaware of the man ever acting inappropriately with him before.

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“I never imagined he was able to do something like that,” the boy’s mother told The Post.

Upon seeing the situation, some of the parents began to hit Collaguazo, then locked him in his room and called the police. He tried to escape the scene by fleeing out the bedroom window.

But, the New York Post reported, he landed directly on a metal fence then bounced onto the ground. His fall and grisly landing were captured by security footage from street level.

Police arrived moments later and emergency responders rushed Collaguazo to the hospital in critical condition; however, officials said he later died.

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