After violently taking an underage family member’s abortion into their own hands, a Dallas family gets off surprisingly light

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A Dallas mother and two children will each see years in prison after pleading guilty to charges related to kicking and beating a family member pregnant by incest until she violently miscarried, then hiding what was left of the stillborn fetus after attempting to incinerate it on a grill.

Sharon Jones, 47; Cecila McDonald, 28; and Cedric Jones Jr., 29, were arrested in 2016. Each pleaded guilty to felony family violence aggravated assault. Sharon Jones was sentenced to 12 years, Cecila McDonald was sentenced to seven years and Cedric Jones Jr. was sentenced to five years.

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28-year-old Lonnell McDonald, another family member, was sentenced to 10 years for the attack in the fall of 2016.

The unnamed victim, now 19, was allegedly raped by her brother, Robert Cayald, in 2012 when she was just 13. Now 24, Cayald faces an aggravated sexual assault charge in the case, according to the Dallas Morning News, but was deemed unfit to stand trial last year; his case is still pending.

The victim and her five siblings had moved to Texas to live with Sharon Jones, their aunt, after the family’s grandmother died, according to 97.1 The River. While Jones said she would take the children in to prevent them from entering the foster care system, the children moved in with Lonnell and Cecila McDonald instead.

The alleged rape took place at the McDonald’s home.

As the victim’s incestuous pregnancy progressed, her relatives realized she was pregnant. After reportedly Googling how to cause a miscarriage, Sharon Jones and Cecila McDonald forced birth control and cinnamon tablets on her in an attempt to abort the fetus.

When that didn’t work, they hauled her outside, held her down and took turns kicking and beating the teenager’s pregnant belly. Cecila McDonald reportedly screamed “B**ch you ain’t about to get my kids taken away from me” as the beating went on.

Eight months pregnant at the time, the teenager miscarried hours later in a bathtub upstairs, bleeding as she floated in and out of consciousness. She never received medical attention, only iron pills to help with the blood loss.

Cecila McDonald attempted to burn the stillborn baby, but was unsuccessful. Sharon Jones then paid her son $25 to hide the remains somewhere; to this day, the remains have never been found.

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