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There’s an old saying: Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.

It almost cost one 66-year-old British woman her house.

According to The Huffington Post, Suzanne Dale read online that she could make a grilled cheese sandwich by lying a toaster on its side and putting the bread and cheese in the slots.

But when she tried it, her toaster burst into flames.

“Saw a tip on (Facebook) about turning your toaster on it’s side for toasted cheese. Thought, ‘what a brilliant idea,’ so gave it a go,” she wrote on Facebook. “Don’t try this at home!”

Fortunately, she was able to grab it and quickly toss the whole thing out the window.

“I thought it might be a faster way of making cheese on toast,” she told the Manchester Evening News“Luckily, I live in a house and have a garden, but if it was anyone living in a flat or somebody who was less agile who couldn’t get out as quick, they were real flames, it could be dangerous.”

Trying to make cheese and toast in a toaster is an extremely bad idea and can cause a devastating fire in the kitchen,” a Greater Manchester Fire Service spokesman said.

No one was hurt, but Dale had to purchase a new toaster.

All she wanted was an easy grilled cheese hack, but instead she almost burned down her house Facebook/Suzanne Dale