An Iowa mother tried to flush her newborn down the toilet and did the most heartbreaking thing University of Iowa Police
University of Iowa Police

Chilling reports detail an Iowa woman’s night at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

Twenty-two-year-old Ashley Hautzenrader faces a charge of child endangerment after giving birth in a bathroom, trying to flush the baby down the toilet — she thought it was dead — and tossing it in a trash can, the Press-Citizen reports.

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Hautzenrader, police say, didn’t know she was pregnant and thought the baby was dead because it wasn’t crying. After that, she put the child in a pillowcase and threw it in a trash can.

It’s not immediately clear what condition the baby is in.

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Hautzenrader faces a charge of child endangerment, which could land her as many as two years in prison. She was released from the Johnson County Jail on Tuesday.

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