And after all of this time, the woman found holstering a loaded gun in her vagina during a drug bust has gotten off

Waco Police Department

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It’s been two years since we reported on a Texas woman who was found to have a loaded gun stored in her vagina for safe keeping, and we never forgot Ashley Castaneda. How could we?

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After all of this time, the 33-year-old Castaneda has gotten off with mere probation after pleading guilty to meth possession.

Waco Police Department

The story goes that Castaneda, then 31, and 30-year-old Gabriel Garcia were pulled over and busted for meth. They had more than 30 grams of the stuff.

The woman then revealed that she was packing heat in an unusual place, referred to in reports as her “private area.”

The .22 caliber semiautomatic pistol was retrieved by a female officer during the “heat check.”

This is the gun, via Waco Police Department

When we first saw this, we asked, “First of all, ouch, and second of all, what?”

Castaneda’s attorney basically said the same thing during his defense. Seth Sutton said that it was impossible that this could have happened.

The cops stood by it.

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For her crimes, Castaneda has gotten 10 years on deferred probation for methamphetamine possession and was also was fined $2,500.

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