A 64-year-old man traveled more than 1,000 miles from Austin, Texas, to Orlando, Fla., to have sex with a 9-year-old girl, but when he arrived at the address where he thought he was meeting the child, undercover detectives were waiting for him, police say.

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Mark Andrew Nichols was arrested Saturday and faces an array of charges, including attempted sexual battery of a child under 12 years old; attempted lewd or lascivious, solicitation of a minor via computer; obscene communication; travel to meet a minor; and unlawful use of a two-way communication device.

Police said Nichols was carrying Sour Patch Kids candy, a bag of Skittles and a bottle of lubricant when he was arrested.

On Sept. 13, Nichols allegedly responded to an ad posted by undercover sex crime detectives on a website, in which a detective posed as a father and mother. The ad referenced meeting “experienced parents to learn new things about raising little ones,” according to investigators.

The undercover cop explained to Nichols that he and his wife were trying to get their 9-year-old daughter into modeling and asked him what types of “interests” he had in the girl, police say.

Nichols, who police say is married and has two young children, allegedly said, “When you say interests, are you asking generally or sexually?”

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Investigators say Nichols said he had family in Orlando, confessed to an interest in incest and said that he would love to “watch” or participate.

Nichols reportedly told the detective that he wanted to make sure the girl’s parents were “comfortable” with him having sex with the child and added, “I am extremely respectful about all of this.”