A 33-year-old man spotted by a 17-year-old lifeguard rubbing his crotch and exposing himself at a public pool on Long Island around 5 p.m. on Father’s Day is under arrest.

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Wilson Kenney has been charged with public lewdness for alleged perversity that only gets creepier when you stare deeply into his mugshot.

Nassau County Police Department

According to CBS New York, Kenney was spotted on a park bench by a lifeguard at Forest City Park Pool in Wantagh rubbing and exposing himself.

He was immediately reported to the police. Kenney was set to be arraigned Monday at First District Court, NBC New York reported.

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The Queens native was arrested without incident. Video from CBS showed Kenney in police custody.

CBS New York/screenshot

He was asked by a reporter at the scene if he had anything to say.

CBS New York/screenshot

He did not.

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