An elderly Idaho man who admitted that a 4-year-old girl “started handling [his] genitals” when his robe came open and couldn’t explain why he welcomed it, nonetheless, claims that it “had nothing to do with sexual pleasure on my part.”

Charles Cecil Carroll, 85, told the East Idaho News in a phone interview that he’d been holding the girl since she was “less than an hour old” and that he “loved her as if she were [his] own.” He further stated that, although he allowed the girl to, in his words, “handl[e] my genitals […] out of curiosity,” that this was not done for sexual gratification.

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“Her mother lived in the same apartment complex I did, and I used to see them regularly,” Carroll said. “She used to come over when she was pregnant. When the baby was born, I went to the hospital to visit, and I held that little girl when she was less than an hour old. I loved her as if she were my own.”

The girl and her mother were at Carroll’s house the day of the alleged crime of felony lewd conduct with a child took place.

Carroll quite openly admitted that the child touched his genitals after the robe he was wearing came open.

“My robe had become partially open and I didn’t correct. She walked over and out of curiosity, I’d say, started handling my genitals,” he said. Carroll added that this occurred for “three or four minutes” and then the child’s mother walked in.

The mother grabbed her child, left Carroll’s residence and reported him to authorities.

Carroll was arrested the same day. Although he was ordered not to interact with the mother or child for three years by a judge, Carroll violated that order a month later, driving by the home of his victim.

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Carroll has been jailed for 180 days as a result.

Bizarrely, he has admitted that he does not “have a good answer” as to why he allowed the 4-year-old girl to “handl[e] [his] genitals,” but insisted that it is an “out-and-out lie” that he did so for “sexual pleasure.”

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Elderly man admits that a 4-year-old girl “started handling my genitals” when his robe came open, but made a stunning claim about it Bonneville County Sheriff's Office
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