Florida man Jonathan Hinkle thought he had it all figured out, so he put a fool-proof plan into motion to catch a free ride to Hooters.

In March, the 28-year-old called emergency services in Brevard County to ask for a ride to Hooters. He said that he needed to get to the restaurant’s parking lot because his grandmother had a stroke there, reports Orlando Sentinel. He offered to pay for the ride.

After searching for his grandmother, 79-year-old Gayle Strickland, emergency services quickly discovered that Hinkle’s grandmother did not suffer from a stroke as he said.

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In fact, Strickland informed law enforcement that she was released from the hospital days before Hinkle made the call. She did, however, call to ask that he remove his belongings from her house.

Hinkle was arrested Tuesday for misusing 911 services. He was released on Wednesday.

Florida man quickly learns he should have just called an Uber instead of the police to take him to Hooters Twitter/@orlandosentinel
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