The Mayhill Convenience Store in Mayhill, New Mexico advertises free coffee — and its owner’s hatred of Muslims and “half-breeds” President Obama and Colin Kaepernick. At least, it does this week.

For years, locals and Albuquerque’s KOB-4 say the owner of the Mayhill Convenience Store has made (and sold) racist, incendiary signs. Now the store is for sale, and at least one local hopes a new owner will take over the store and take down the signs.

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Marlon McWilliams worked at Mayhill Convenience some six years ago. He talked to KOB about the store. According to McWilliams, “It’s been here a long time,” and in an ironic twist, the owner “turns lots of people away,” not because they’re offended, but because those people offend him.

A sign prominently placed in front of the store lists the business for sale. McWilliams is in favor of new ownership, saying, “I wish somebody would buy it […] That’s the only place you can go to get milk and bread.”

Internet users have not been kind to the convenience store, descending on the business’s web presence to sack it with negative reviews.

Last year, Reddit user @MattsWorldoWonders uploaded a photo of one of the windows of the store, which had been blanketed in signs. One of the signs prominently reads “KILL OBAMA.”

In much smaller letters on the same sign, below the President’s name, is “(Care.)”

For sale: New Mexico’s most offensive convenience store — just don’t offend the owner Reddit/MattsWorldoWonders
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