A mom was found passed out in her car with the windows rolled down as her child played with the side view mirror and a pack of cigarettes.

If an off-duty firefighter hadn’t spotted her and called 911, things could’ve gotten worst.

Heather Christiansen, 27, was arrested on Oct. 22 and charged with reckless conduct in the incident, which occurred at a Wal-mart along Buford Drive, Channel 2 Action News reported. She got to the store about 5 a.m., but was found inside her car nearly three hours after she arrived.

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According to a 911 call obtained by the news station, the mother had slurred words and bloodshot eyes.

“She opened her eyes and looked at me,” the man on the 911 call said. “And the car (was) still in drive. The turn signal (was) on.” He said Christiansen’s 1-year-old daughter looked like she was about to fall out of the car.

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An officer noted that Christiansen didn’t know her daughter had grabbed the cigarettes until police were able to wake her up, Channel 2 reported.

Gwinnett County police spokesman Cpl. Deon Washington told the news station authorities weren’t yet sure what caused the woman to pass out in her car.

“Police observed what appeared to be some type of alcohol or some type of drug, but we aren’t sure,” he said.

The Division of Family and Child Services has been called to investigate the incident, Channel 2 reported.

“Clearly this mother put her child in some very serious danger,” Washington said. “We are glad citizens were paying attention and gave us a call.”

Christiansen is out of jail on a $5,000 bond.

Her child was seen playing with cigarettes in her car, and that’s not even the worst part Channel 2 Action News/Screenshot