A Colorado teenager repeatedly stabbed his stepfather after an argument about chores and then streamed the aftermath of the murder for his friends on Snapchat, police say.

Moments after allegedly stabbing Oscar Lemar Owensby, 50, on Friday night, 19-year-old Nickolas Vinson recorded the last moments of his stepdad’s life on Snapchat, saying, “Hey guys I just killed him. I just killed him. I just killed him.” He then panned to Owensby, who could be seen lying face down on the floor, covered in blood while his common-law wife Celena kneeled next to him screaming, “Lemar, can you hear me? Can you hear me? No!”

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Next, Vinson texted his brother Kyle to inform him that he had just stabbed Owensby because he “wanted to throw him out of the house.” Vinson’s mother immediately called the police after witnessing the murder. When the police called Vinson, he allegedly admitted to killing his stepfather and indicated that he had driven away from the home in his mother’s SUV in order to say goodbye to his friends. Although he insisted he would return home, other officers stopped him before he arrived. According to them, blood dripped to the ground when Vinson exited the vehicle, as he was covered in blood and had a large cut on his hand.

The fight between stepfather and stepson reportedly began earlier that day when Owensby ordered Vinson to do chores and to help with providing money for their household. While arguing via text messages, the two agreed to fist fight. When Owensby and his wife returned to the house, Vinson refused to come upstairs from the basement. After standing at the top of the stairs and challenging him to a fight, the 50 year old descended them and appeared ready to hit Vinson with his fist — that’s when the teen stabbed him in the neck. Using a 7-inch knife with a brass-knuckle-style handle, he continued stabbing the man to “end it” because he didn’t want him to suffer.

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When police later arrived to the house, a trail of bloody footprints led upstairs from the basement and to the garage. Owensby suffered from seven to nine stab wounds in his neck, back, side and shoulder, and his aorta was perforated, splattering arterial blood against the walls. Vinson was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

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