A 46-year-old man from Hobart, Indiana, with a history of sexually abusing animals that dates back to the ’90s, has requested “chemical castration.”

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Michael Bessigano’s attorney Jennifer Soble, the Post-Tribune reported, asked, on her client’s behalf, for “chemical castration,” if that will help put an end to his incarceration.

The attorney has argued that her client’s abusive childhood, time served and castration through the drug Depo-Lupron should all be taken into account. She further argued that this would be a better solution than spending more time and money on federally imprisoning her client.

“To the extent that Mr. Bessigano has accidentally injured or killed animals during the course of his sexual exploits, that harm is no greater than that imposed by meat-eaters and leather-wearers nationwide,” she said, according to court documents.

Soble said that Bessigano did not receive affection from his parents as a child and that he sought that from animals instead. Bessigano himself said that he slept with a dead raccoon, among other animals, as a child.

“Mr. Bessigano’s history is unique; his entire history within both the federal and state systems is entirely animated by his unusual sexual preferences,” she continued. “Those preferences are almost certainly the result of Mr. Bessigano’s remarkably traumatic childhood; unable to receive or seek affection from his parents, he sought that affection from animals.”

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Bessigano has been a repeat offender. Between the downloading of bestiality pornography and the sexual abuse of a guinea fowl, he has time and again been put behind bars.

According to the New York Post, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Associate Professor Fred Berlin agreed upon examining him that chemical castration could keep Bessigano from being incarcerated again.

Indiana man who’s sexually abused animals since the early ’90s has made a unique request Lake County Sheriff's Department
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