Just before retiring, a police sergeant is accused of leaving a smelly ‘performance review’ for a manager

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Omaha Police Sergeant Matthew Manhart was in charge of the department’s Bomb Response unit. He retired recently — and law enforcement sources tell the Omaha World-Herald that he left a bomb of his own for the manager at the department’s training center before he left.

Police contacted for the story couldn’t agree on one specific place, but they all said the same thing, more or less: Manhart went to the training center and left a sizeable “exit interview” where the training center manager would find it.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

(Not in a toilet, that is.)

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There’s (reportedly) a backstory. Sergeant Manhart had a series of disagreements with management at the training center over the summer about their storage and handling of Omaha Police Bomb Response equipment. They had been allegedly unplugging equipment he needed to charge and forced him to move a storage trailer to make room for other emergency vehicles. Those were not minor things, evidently.

But it might never make it to Internal Affairs: Manhart retired before anything came of it. The Omaha police chief, a Police Academy classmate of the Sergeant, recused himself from the matter.

The Omaha police union declined to comment for the story, as the matter has not been resolved, but Sergeant John Wells said the story wasn’t “newsworthy” and just an example of “a man retiring when he is eligible to retire.”

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