The first rule of what not to do when drunk is “don’t drink and drive.” The second lesson just might be “if you’re a passenger in a car that gets pulled over and the driver gets arrested for DWI and you’re drunk too, don’t then drive the car to the police station to bail out your friend.”

Sound ridiculous? Sure it does. But it really happened in Slidell, La. The police department posted a description of the whole thing on its Facebook page with an opening sentence of: “We can’t make this up.”

As the police state, an officer pulled over a car full of drunks Sunday night, and the driver was arrested for DWI. The passengers took a cab home while the car was secured in a parking lot. It was then one of the intoxicated passengers decided it was a good idea to go retrieve the car.

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She then drove to the Slidell Police Department with the idea that she would bail out her friend who was arrested.

Unfortunately for her, that’s not how things transpired, as the police explain.

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“Instead of bailing out her friend,” the Slidell police wrote on Facebook, “she was able to join him inside the jail.

“Lesson of the day […] don’t drive drunk to a police station in order to bail out your drunk friend!”

Louisiana police arrested a drunk man for driving, but what his drunk friend did later was something they couldn’t make up AP Photo/Cliff Owen