Man who loves “the hunt” for potential rape victims won’t see the light of day any time soon PENNSYLVANIA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS
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A man convicted of attempted rape will remain in prison for up to 20 years after a court upheld his sentence earlier this week.

Frank Yeager, 33, of Pennsylvania, appealed his sentence despite having pleaded guilty to the crime and having kept a journal detailing how much he enjoyed searching for potential rape victims. According to police, the diary was filled with drawings of rape fantasies and entries describing his 2013 plan — which he spent five months devising — to lure a female realtor into a model home to rape her. He additionally created a list of around 200 real estate agents, their home addresses, work addresses, church addresses and Facebook pages.

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“I truly enjoy the hunt and cannot wait for my prize,” one diary entry read. “If you are reading this I found a realtor woman and raped her. I have been planning and have wanted this my whole life.”

Yeager reportedly considered his “hunt” to be “full-time work.” He was finally arrested and convicted after the realtor in question notified police that he repeatedly attempted to get her alone with him. Police later found a “rape kit” in Yeager’s car, which included two handguns, four knives, a metal chain and a rope. He also confessed to lying about the water leak, saying he wanted to “take advantage” of the woman.

On Tuesday, a state Superior Court upheld Yeager’s sentence.

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