Man’s post about wanting to punch a feminist backfired in a big way

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Videos by Rare

There’s so much that one can do on the internet. You can watch music videos from the 80s, pay bills and even meet your soulmate.

Or you can just threaten to punch people for no reason.

At least one person under Tumblr username true-blue-brit threatened to do just that.

“I’d never, ever hurt a lady but I’d be happy to punch a feminist,” he wrote as a true gentleman would. Apparently deprived of pleasure in this world, he added, “It’d bring me great joy.”

Well, feminists let him know that whenever he was ready, he was free to live out his dream. Of course, they looked they would be ready to punch back.

And it looks liked others were ready to join in after the post went viral.

We have to wonder if he’ll be taking the challenge.

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