Married dirty diaper masturbator burns church and American flag to “go out with a bang”


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Flag burning, church burning, child porn, dirty diaper masturbation, stabbings and a courtroom explosion — there are no words.

A Lebanon, N.H., man hunted for days by police for various crimes was finally arrested on New Year’s Day. Since then, the disturbing details of his criminal spree have come to light by his own admission.

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Anthony Boisvert, 27, a married man, now faces charges of assault, arson, possession of child pornography and tampering with witnesses. He is being held on $500,000 bail.

Boisvert reportedly confessed to police that on Dec. 28, he masturbated into a dirty diaper he found at the rectory of the First Baptist Church while watching child porn and young girls doing gymnastics.

He said he burned an American flag, caused the church to burn as well, and watched for a while before heading to his sister’s house. Two other buildings were also set on fire.

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According to NH1, the Lebanon Police Department acted on information that Boisvert bragged at a campfire in the woods that night that “he was going to do something big” and that he was “going out with a bang.” Boisvert’s family members were interviewed.

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Tonya Boisvert contacted the police on Jan. 1 when she got a call from her husband. She said he planned to turn himself in the next day.

But while police were on their way to the residence, they got a call that Anthony Boisvert stabbed Wade Bennett, who was at the campfire, and Diane Faughnan.

Boisvert, police say, told them he stabbed Bennett and Faughnan because they talked to the cops. They are expected to recover.

Boisvert was found that night, covered in blood and trying to get into his twin sister’s home. The sister has been identified as Andrea Gilbert. She also faces charge of falsifying physical evidence by deleting cellphone data.

Boisvert exploded in the courtroom on Tuesday, making disturbing threats.

“I would have slit her throat. Boom!” he said, according to ABC 13. “She would have been dead.”

When asked by the judge if he had anything to say about his $500,000 bail, Boisvert yelled, “Yeah, I think you should give me about $500 bail so I can go out and stab my cousin to death. Maybe kill my aunt and my uncle. Maybe I can cut them up and eat them on a frying pan.”

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