Mom Fed Her Sons Bleach to “Cure” Autism

A Kansas mother stupidly posted videos that showed her giving her children chlorine dioxide, which amounts to industrial bleach, in an effort to “cure their autism.” Lauren Austin, who received numerous feedback from online users, documented her son Jeremy’s first dose of chlorine dioxide. The 30-second video was broadcasted to 4,465 subscribers, as 27-year-old Jeremy sits at a kitchen table and his mother narrates his mood.

For over a year, the Kansas photographer has been documenting her sons’ talking beach. The 51-year-old is a mother of six, four of whom are adults with autism. For the last year, according to her posts on social media and documents obtained by police, Austin has been giving Jeremy and 28-year-old Joshua, who is also in the autism spectrum disorder, chlorine dioxide.

Obviously, the Food and Drug Administration warns the solution amount to industrial bleach shouldn’t be ingested, since it can cause irreparable harm when ingested, which includes damage to the digestive system and kidneys. Bradley Austin, who is Laurel’s ex-husband, has been trying to stop the mother from giving their son’s the chlorine. But, NBC news stated that local police have stated numerous times that the state’s division of adult protective services and medical doctors treating Jeremy have declined to intervene.

According to a police spokesman, there isn’t enough evidence showing that the chlorine dioxide was dangerous. As well as a caretaker with the Kansas Adult Protective Services, who told police she didn’t see the situation “serious enough” for the state to take any action.

The case clearly illustrates the way in which online health can lead to misinformation for desperate parents. Austin got the idea to feed her children bleach from “disreputable corners of the internet.” Chlorine dioxide was first promoted as “a miracle cure” by Jim Humble, who had been a former Scientologist for 20 years. According to Fatherly, Kerri Rivera, a former real estate agent, first claimed that it was an effective treatment for autism.

Rivera turned her “method” into an actual business, a supplement line, an online consulting business, and a book. She even set up a clinic in Mexico, using the chlorine dioxide method. While Rivera claims that the liquid, which has no evidence behind it, has cured over 500 kids, medical experts say it’s extremely dangerous to ingest chloride, because of course, it is. It can damage the red blood cells and digestive system, which can lead to kidney failure.

Since 2014, over 2,123 cases of chlorine dioxide poison led to serious side effects, 8 of those dying due to the liquid. YouTube and Facebook have shut down pages pending bleach as a cure, but unfortunately, new ones keep popping up daily, especially through private Facebook groups. Meaning parents such as Austin, who are eager to find something that will help their children stumble across this content, it’s easy for them to be “seduced” by a promise for a cure.

This is dumb, anyone who is sane must know that feeding your children literal poison is bad for them. This DOES NOT cure autism. The fact that I have to write a stupid post like this boils my blood. What kind of parent are you that you are feeding your child something you use to disinfect the floors! This isn’t a miracle mineral solution nor an autism cure, it is death in a bottle!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Bleach is a dilution of 5.25 percent sodium hypochlorite in water. It’s an oxidizer, meaning it strips electrons from what it touches, on a molecular level. If you touch bleach, you get a mild chemical burn. So, if you drink bleach, then yes, you’ll get burned all the way down your esophagus into your stomach. Stop drinking bleach!

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