NYC College Professor Holds Machete at Reporter’s Neck After Yelling At Anti-Abortion Students At School

NYC college professor Shellyne Rodriguez had thoroughly chewed out some anti-abortion students at Hunter College earlier this month. When a reporter and a photographer found Shellyne, they planned to ask her some questions. The art professor took this moment to lose her mind again and take the situation way too far.

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Rare published the story this morning May 23rd, covering Shellyne’s verbal assault aimed at some pro-life students who had set up a table supporting their cause. However, later this morning the plot thickened. A New York Post reporter had arrived at the art teacher’s Bronx apartment. After knocking on Shellyne’s door, Reuven Fenton of the New York Post informed the professor who he was and why he was there.

Rodriguez promptly shouted with all the hate and anger she could muster: “Get the f*ck away from my door, or I’m gonna chop you up with this machete!” While she had proven she had a short temper with the previous headline, the reporter surely had no reason to believe the threat was legitimate. My, was he mistaken.

NYC College Professor Holds Machete at Reporter’s Neck

The livid professor ripped open the door in a fury and… no joke… held her machete to Fenton’s neck. Following more profane shouting, Rodriguez slunk back inside her door, slamming it behind her. The reporter and photographer, after standing in shock at what had just occurred, took the not-so-subtle hint and decided to leave the charming professor.

The deranged woman was not finished though. She followed the two men and began chasing the photographer down the street with the machete in hand screaming: “Get the f*ck off the block! Get the f*ck out of here, yo!”

Just in case she had not gotten her point across, she proceeded to kick the reporter in the shins before heading inside again. While the specifics of Rodriguez’s beliefs on abortion have yet to be given, she has in fact proved that she does not value human life, at least not anyone from the New York Post.

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