One dopey Walmart shoplifter’s tasty, casual attempt is the stupidest thing you’ll read all day

Myrtle Beach Police Department

Myrtle Beach, S.C., dude Jason Daigrepont is clearly not a nervous shoplifter. You might even say he’s no chicken.

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But the 50-year-old man was spotted by a Walmart loss prevention officer last week driving a motorized cart through the store while munching on chicken tenders and potato wedges he didn’t pay for and throwing goods in a backpack.

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Daigrepont, WBTW reported, was riding on the cart through a sporting goods section and stealing “a six pack of socks, red shorts, red backpack and a blue shirt in the basket on the front of the motorized cart.”

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For whatever reason, the only thing he did pay for was candy.

Daigrepont was confronted as he attempted to exit the Walmart and arrested for shoplifting.

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