One woman shot another while meeting in a Walmart parking lot to make a bizarre baby exchange AP

On Sunday evening in a Dallas Walmart parking lot, police were called to the scene of a bizarre incident in which one woman shot another woman as they met to transfer custody of a child.

According to police, the women knew each other. They got into an argument, which led to a physical fight. One of the women pulled out a handgun and shot the other woman. The victim sustained a wound to her neck. She was transported to an area hospital where her condition is unknown.

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An off-duty police officer responded to the call and saw the woman with the handgun running across the parking lot. She even took a shot at the officer, which led the officer to fire back, police said. No one was struck.

The woman with the handgun was taken into custody. The identity of the two women is being withheld by police.

Walmart has become so synonymous with violent crime that it’s driving police crazy. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Walmart isn’t doing enough to stem crime at its stores.

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