Marianna Riossi of Ontario, Canada, could be in trouble after she allegedly engaged in sexual relations with one of her students.

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Riossi is charged with three counts of sex assault and sexual exploitation, according to the Toronto Sun. The affair with the student reportedly happened in late 2017. Riossi worked at St. Theresa of Lisieux before police received a tip about the allegations.

In a statement, the school board said, “These allegations are certainly upsetting for [the board]. We take very seriously our responsibility to ensure a safe and respectful working and learning environment for all our students and staff. Ms. Riossi was immediately removed from her teaching assignment, and is currently on leave, as per board practice.”

Online, former students praised Riossi – on the popular site RateMyTeacher, she has a 4.96 score. Students called her “caring” and “knowledgeable.” Only two days ago, a person claiming to be a parent of one of Riossi’s pupils heaped on the praise, writing, “She volunteers her time to coordinate various fundraising events benefiting her schools, as well as the community hospital. Putting others first, she is a perfectionist whom strives to get the best from of her students.” The parent even went so far as to claim that Riossi is a “fantastic role model.” And, of course, one student wrote that Riossi “makes learning fun.”

Some other posts on the board also stuck up for Riossi; however, those have since been taken down. Heavy reports that one user wrote, “They probably were pissed that they didn’t get a good mark, and the stupid part is that they are ruining her life for no reason. This **** is unfair, she works so hard and cares about us students.”

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