A 58-year-old trailer park handyman from Pennsylvania has been arrested after at least 40 decades of “horrific” sexual abuse of children, police say, after authorities discovered more than 1,000 images of naked images and 1,000 pairs of girls’ underwear above his bed during a search of his trailer.

Police also discovered “incredibly vulgar and graphic drawings and writings” that detailed alleged heinous crimes against young girls, as well as dolls modified for deviant sexual purposes.

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According to, William Thomas faces five counts of rape involving children under the age of 13, five counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and three counts of aggravated indecent assault of a child, as well as possession and manufacturing of child pornography.

It’s not clear at this time if Thomas distributed the images.

Thomas, who reportedly told investigators that he has been attracted to children since he was a youth, also admitted to sex acts with a relative and two very young children that were in his care.

The victims were said to be aged 2 to 10 years old and were both male and female.

District Attorney Matt Weintraub called the display in Thomas’ trailer a “perverse shrine” and the accused a “real life boogeyman.”

The DA also called this “a parent’s worst nightmare.”

According to court documents obtained by the New York Post, Thomas’ writings detailed molesting of children as young as three years old with knowledge that they would not be able to report or understand the abuse.

Some of these writings documented Thomas ‘molesting’ children as young as three years old, when Thomas was in his twenties, which would be during the nineteen seventies, as Thomas also wrote that he was aware some of the children were either asleep or so young that they wouldn’t be able to disclose the abuse.

Thomas revealed to investigators that he would sometimes steal the underwear of young girls from residences where he worked as a handyman.

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Lt. Henry Ward described the findings in Thomas’ trailer as “horrific.”

“The human race hasn’t come up with words of what we saw in the trailer,” he said.

Police say they have also recovered recordings of alleged sexual abuse they have yet to review, CBS Philly reported.

More than 100 boxes of evidence were hauled out of Thomas’ trailer.

Police are working to find out how many more children Thomas may have victimized.

“Parent’s worst nightmare” — handyman busted after 40 years of sexually abusing kids, police say Bucks County District Attorney's Office
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