Two Texas women who were too drunk to drive and arguing about it busted themselves by calling 911 and telling the police about the situation.

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You can’t be mad that innocent people were taken out of harm’s way because of the call and you can’t help laughing because it’s just that stupid.

The incident happened in Friendswood on Thursday.

Marissa Ann Sluss, 25, KPRC reported, called the cops on herself because her passenger, 20-year-old, Hannah Marie Webb, 20, wouldn’t “comply” with her driving.

Both women were found to be intoxicated at the scene.

When police got there, Sluss and Webb were stopped in the middle of the road. Sluss, pictured above on the left, was on her phone at the time and smelled of alcohol, police said.

She failed a sobriety test. Webb, who is 20, was also found to be intoxicated.

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As a result, Sluss has gotten herself a DWI, while Webb has been charged with public intoxication.

Passenger insists her friend is too drunk to drive and the driver does the unthinkable Friendswood Police Department
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