BOCA RATON, Fla. — Angry over a lost iPad, a Florida woman threatened her mother and son with a knife, Boca Raton police said.

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Lisa Metzger, 41, faces charges of aggravated battery on a person 65 years and older and battery on multiple law enforcement officers in the Tuesday incident, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Police said they were called to a neighborhood next to Boca Raton Regional Hospital around 10 a.m. about a possible stabbing. Officers spoke with Metzger, who said she got into a verbal argument with her mother over an iPad. She said her son lost the device, which belonged to the school, and they owed $400 to replace it.

When Metzger’s mother offered to pay the money, Metzger told police she got angry because she thought her son should pay for it. She then said she pulled a knife on her son “to prove a point” because he was being verbally abusive, the arrest report stated.

Metzger then told officers that her son then took the knife from her hand and left the house. Metzger’s mother told officers that she did not see the altercation between them, and when she went into the kitchen she saw Metzger holding a knife. She said Metzger then raised her hand and told her, “I will kill you,” according to the arrest report.

The older woman told officers she “never saw Lisa so angry,” police said. The older woman then fled the room and called police, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Officers spoke to Metzger’s son, who did not mention a knife or say he was a victim of any crime, the report stated.

When police placed Metzger under arrest, she kicked two officers in the legs —knocking one of them to the ground, according to the arrest report.

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Metzger was released from the county jail Wednesday after posting a $6,000 bail, according to jail records.

Police: Florida mom’s wildly unhinged response to her son losing an iPad is one for the books Boca Raton Police