She’s smiling because she peed in a dressing room, stole $2,000 worth of clothes and made one critical error NYDN/screenshot

27-year-old Florida woman Brooke Amber Sutton went on an adventure Friday that amounted to her peeing on the floor of a dressing room and stealing $2,000 worth of designer clothing from Ann Taylor, only to absentmindedly leave her cell phone behind.

The police used the cell phone to call Sutton’s husband, who gave police a description of her vehicle.

According to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, Sutton allegedly picked out various items from the store, took them to the dressing, removed security tags and left a puddle of pee on the floor.

The woman then walked out of the store with the items. Police say she also stole six pairs of jeans from another store by throwing them over her shoulders and donning a men’s coat.

Police released two pictures of Sutton’s haul.

Walton County Sheriff's Office
Walton County Sheriff’s Office

Police busted Sutton with the help of her husband.

Walton County Sheriff's Office
Walton County Sheriff’s Office

Sutton faces two counts of felony retail theft.

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