Sometimes you have to wait hours to ride a roller coaster and an idiot with a selfie stick makes it even worse AP
Sandy Johal uses a selfie stick to take a picture of herself in Times Square in New York, Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015. Relatively new gadgets called selfie sticks make it easy to take your own wide-angled self-portraits or group shots. Fans say the expandable rods, which allow users to hold their cellphones a few feet away, are the ultimate convenience: no more bothering passers-by to take pictures, no more fretting about strangers taking lousy shots or running off with a pricey iPhone. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

If you’ve been to a major amusement park, you’ll know that amusement is not a constant feature — waiting in line has a lot to do with that.

Hours of the day are devoted to just waiting in the sun, baking in the heat.

People at Disney California Adventure were ready to roller coast on a ride called California Screamin’ and had gotten to the top of the big drop, but then some person pulled out a selfie stick and the ride was shut down halfway through.

The incident happened Wednesday and that “selfish” passenger’s act resulted in an emergency evacuation.

According to the Orange County Register, multiple passengers tweeted about the incident as it happened.

“California screaming is shut down for 2 hours and stopped right at the top before the drop because someone pulled out a selfie stick,” one tweeted.

“We just got emergency evacuated from California Screamin this is so scary,” tweeted another.

It’s pretty standard protocol for amusement parks to tell passengers in advance that they need to remain seated and keep their limbs inside the vehicle.

Why would someone think using a selfie stick would pass the litmus test of appropriate roller coaster activity?

The passenger responsible has not been identified.

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