The way this not-so-stealthy airline urinator was described as taking a pee is too stupid to make up Mecklenburg County Jail
Mecklenburg County Jail

Jordan Gardner, 28, put on a bit of a show during a late-night flight, but he didn’t seem to be to aware of what went down, namely his pants.

The Ludlow, Ky. man was described as pulling his pants down, “arching his back” and peeing on the floor on a late flight from San Francisco to Charlotte on Saturday.

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A flight attendant was alerted to the urination when a passenger who had seen Gardner pulling up his pants complained. Gardner was ordered to head to the bathroom, where he reportedly stayed for 15 minutes.

The flight attendant checked in on Gardner and she found him on the floor.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Gardner explained to police that he “only” had two double shots of vodka at the San Francisco Airport before boarding.

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Police said Gardner’s breath still smelled of liquor 11 hours later. Gardener said that “may have been caused by the gum he was chewing.”

Gardner has been charged with destruction of aircraft. Apparently, this wasn’t his first run-in with the law. His rap sheet includes battery, trespassing, auto theft, passing bad checks, being under the influence and vandalism charges.

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