Jill Lynn Fiedler, 38, was the treasurer of a parent group who was tasked with collecting money for a senior party at a Minnesota high school — that is, before she allegedly stole nearly $9,000 and put half of it into her PayPal account to purchase sex toys.

According to authorities, Fiedler admitted to police in March that she made the transactions while overseeing the fundraising efforts for the senior class party at Eastview High School. The unauthorized transactions include a charge of over $400 to AT&T, a $200 cash withdrawal and six charges totaling to more than $4,000 from her PayPal account to Pure Romance, a company that sells the “hottest bedroom accessories.” The remaining members of the parent group assisting with the party noticed the transactions and brought them to the attention of police.

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Fiedler worked for Pure Romance as an independent contractor at the time and claims she made the transfers to the company to get cash advances for other purchases, adding that she had made the transfers in order to buy prize items for the party but that she “had not done so yet.” She could not explain the AT&T charge. As of April, the school had not been reimbursed.

“She admitted she knew she would have to repay the money, as the purchases were no longer authorized, and that she had the majority of it, but needed more time to pay it back,” a complaint submitted to a Minnesota district court. “She stated she believed that she owed them back a bit over $7,000 and had $5,000 or the majority that she could pay back immediately.”

Fiedler has been charged with a felony count of theft by temporary control and will appear in court in August. Representatives from Pure Romance indicated that she had been fired from the company last month after the company was contacted by the school.

“The school district contacted us about the fraudulent activity of Jill Fiedler in April, and she was immediately terminated,” their statement reads. “Our consultants are independent contractors, yet Pure Romance reserves the right to terminate upon violation of company ethics and policies.”

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