Two parents face murder charges in a child’s rotting death that goes “far beyond neglect”

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Two Iowa parents have been charged with child endangerment and first-degree murder in the August death of their 4-month-old son, whose maggot-strewn corpse was found “rotting” in a swing in the parents’ apartment in Alta Vista.

Chickasaw County investigators say the child hadn’t been removed from the swing, had a diaper change or a bath in at least a week prior to death. The baby of four months was just seven pounds at death, according to KIMT.

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Investigators noted maggots at “various stages of development” throughout the child’s clothes and skin.

Parents Cheyanne Harris and Zachary Koehn both claimed to have checked on the child the day before death, but their claims were inconsistent with autopsy results and other findings from the scene of death.

Cause of death for the infant is listed as “a failure to provide critical care,” according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The same report cites “circumstances manifesting an extreme indifference to human life,” concluding that “the facts of this case go far beyond neglect.”

Harris and Koehn are each held on $100,000 cash bond. Both will appear before a judge in November.

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