A passenger on a Delta flight became so incensed that there was no overhead bin space for his carry-on luggage that he had to be forcibly removed from his seat by officers.

According to a report, a passenger on the New York-bound flight who has not been identified became angry as the flight from Tampa, Fla., was preparing for takeoff. He became so irate at the lack of space for his baggage that he began throwing another passenger’s luggage out of the bin, a Delta spokesperson said.

The man was described as becoming “hostile” and “aggressive” toward other passengers on the plane.

A reporter from Fox13 News in Tampa was on the flight and was posting commentary and video of the situation as it unfolded.

“What did I do?” one video shows him asking a team of uniformed officers.

“Sir, you created a disturbance on the flight,” the officer said. “Sir, the pilot does not want you on the plane.”

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The man was told that Delta would re-book him on another flight. However, he was not willing to get off the plane quietly.

An officer asked him, “Sir, are you going to get off the aircraft or am I going to have to use force?”

The man replied, “I don’t think you should have to use force.”

That’s when one of the officers grabbed the man around the back of his head, trying to force him out of his seat.

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The woman sitting next to him can be heard saying, “Please don’t do that to my husband.” And the man, who claimed he was an officer, then said, “You don’t got to choke somebody.”

Delta released a statement soon after that read:

The Delta team acted as true professionals as they navigated this challenging customer issue during the board process when a customer began removing and throwing items from the overhead bin. After the passenger repeatedly refused requests to de-plane, the crew requested law enforcement assistance to ensure the safety and comfort of our customers. Harassing our customers and crew members is not acceptable. We are sorry to our customers who had to endure this disruption.

Video shows how officers forcibly removed an “irate” Delta passenger after he lost out on overhead bin space Twitter/Kellie Cowan