Watch this absent-minded ATM guy make an error that has a thief licking his chops 15 minutes later Screenshot/CBS New York

Well, that was easy.

Forget elaborate bank heists and forget ripping ATM machines from walls with backhoes under the cover of darkness, all you need to do is drive down the street and hope that some ATM money delivery guy forgets a bag with $150,000 in it.

The absent-minded ATM For Us bag man is caught on camera forgetting the money, getting into the car and rolling away, but so are the two dudes who show up in a white van to pick up the cash 15 minutes later.

These New Jerseyans pretty much hit the jackpot. The workers who forgot the bag went back, but it was already gone.

The two thieves have not yet been identified.

According to CBS New York, “once the worker who left the money behind returned back to the building and realized what had happened, they needed to call an ambulance for him.”

The New York Daily News writes that the “thief was caught on camera picking up discarded tires from a nearby business just minutes before finding the cash bag, police said.”

Police do not view this as an “inside job” and say the workers are not considered suspects.

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